Simple Static Sites for the Rest of Us

Every now and then, I (or someone I know) have a need to create a very simple website. Now, regrettably the de facto website builder for the world has for a long time been Wordpress. And that's fine if you need a blog.

But what if you just need a …

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Birds Behaving Badly: The Bizarre Green Pigeons of Oiso

Oiso station lies near the south-western/Atami end of the Tokaido Line, making it a relatively convenient ride for anyone coming from Tokyo or Yokohama stations. For optimal pigeon watching time, I recommend getting there at around 6 or 7am. When you get there, the station exit faces the ocean …

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Share links like a boss using Dropbox

Tell me if this situation sounds familiar:

You're in meeting or conversation where you keep referring to websites or webpages, and then an hour or so later you follow up by emailing a ton of hyperlinks.

I've always thought there should be an app for that, and I made a …

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Comfortably uncomfortable, proudly Pelican


That's right folks. This is a blog post about blogging. How very 2004 of me. I apologize in advance, but stick with me here for a second.

In the past year or so we have seen a boat-load of new web publishing platforms emerge, typically with hipster typography and minimalist …

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