Hi. I'm Rick Martin.

What I do

My full-time gig is writing 1 and editing for SD Japan. I also contribute a monthly tech column to The Japan Times newspaper. If you're feeling adventurous, you can browse samples of my past work at these and other publications 2.

I'm also trying to learn more programming and in an effort to tell stories better with data. I dabble with the Drupal CMS , which I use for the amazing website that you see before you, as well as for my QuakeMap video archive project. You can check out a full list of the tools I use here.

My reading list is here.

Fun facts

  • I occasionally work as a volleyball match reporter, and I have covered the World Championships and the World Cup for the FIVB. I've taken a somewhat geeky approach to courtside reporting, which makes it even more fun for me!
  • Before Japan, I spent a few years in China where I studied intermediate level Mandarin Chinese at the Dalian University of Economics and Finance. At that level, most of my classmates were Japanese 3, making it a somewhat surprise encounter with their culture too.
  • During my university days, I worked as a mural painter. If you happen to see a big colorful wall in a school or hospital in St. John's, Newfoundland, there's a high probability my signature is at the bottom.
  • I used to play chess competitively. I'm not quite as good as my younger brother, but I once drew against a master-level Frenchman in a chess club in Dublin. I suspect he must have been drunk.
  • Until I was 18, I lived in a very tiny town of about just over a hundred people near the eastern-most tip of North America. Now I live in Tokyo -- population: 13 million.

If you'd like to get in touch, don't hesitate to drop me a line. There are a bunch of ways to do so, all listed here.

A few of my favorite things
Authors: Haruki Murakami, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Oscar Wilde
Movies: Run Lola Run, anything by Buster Keaton, anything by Luc Besson
Music: Björk, The White Stripes, Rufus Wainwright, pre-90s Bon Jovi
Sports: Basketball, hockey, softball, table tennis

  1. You might be surprised to hear that as a writer I have a significant distaste for writing in MS Word. For web publishing, it just doesn't make sense. I'm a fan of simpler plain-text formats, and the workflows of folks like Brett Terpstra who do things better in Markdown. 

  2. Some of the places I've written include: CNet, CNNgo, Journalism 2.0, TUAW, The Japan Times, Japan-i Magazine, and J-Select Magazine. 

  3. There were some from Korea and Thailand as well.