The Apps on my Mac, 2010 Edition

When I reinstalled Mac OSX on my Macbook last week, I found myself using my list of Mac apps from last year's reinstall to figure out what to applications to put back on. I don't screw around with Time Machine because I really love my computer after it's been wiped clean. Too many people buy new computers when all they need is really a clean OS install.

Having used Dropbox instead of my 'Documents' folder over the past year means that I don't have to screw around backing up crap. The only thing I need to do is take note of what applications are installed, and then slap 'em back on when once I've finished putting down Snow Leopard. I figured I'd share my apps again this year, as well as a few scripts and browser bookmarklets too.

Essential Desktop Apps

  • Dropbox
  • Skype, and Call Recorder (the latter is paid, but essential if you need to record interviews)
  • Adium chat client
  • VLC media player
  • Transmission bit torrent client
  • MAMP, local webserver
  • Tweetie Twitter client
  • Audacity


Things I've changed or added

  • Google Chrome (knocks off Firefox)
  • Chrome extensions: RSS Subscription,  Awesome screenshot
  • App Cleaner, (wins over App Zapper)
  • Colloquy IRC client
  • Plex media center app
  • Skitch for taking screenshots and annotating them
  • Unnamed text editor (unnamed for legal reasons). Text Wrangler is my choice of free text editors.
  • Unnamed screencasting software (blah, blah, legal reasons)
  • Flow FTP client, bought with a Mac bundle


Apps in the Trash (since last year's list)

  • Open Office (I'm using Google Docs & Text Edit with a word count script)
  • Podmailing (no longer maintained)
  • Cyberduck FTP client (replaced by Flow above)
  • Hotspot Shield VPN
  • Smultron text editor
  • Yuuguu screen sharing app




Drag links to your browser's bookmark area to try.

  • ✚Del: add to bookmarking service
  • ✚P2: add to Publish2 bookmarking service
  • ✚Rdr: add to Google Reader
  • ✚Tw: for use with Tweetie
  • GAdv: Google Advanced search of the present site. Awesome.
  • furi: adds furigana to kanji on current site (ht @jcayzac)
  • Subscribe: Subscribes in Google Reader, without being nagged about iGoogle


Miscellaneous Housekeeping

  • Sync my Google Calendar with iCal
  • Export Gmail contacts and import to Apple's Address Book
  • Import iTunes OPML file for my podcasts. Get it here if you want some new podcasts.


Keen observers will note that I have yet to install iLife, iWork, or Photoshop. I own iLife, but I have yet to install it. Maybe I won't need to. As for a Photoeditor, Pixlr has served me well since the reinstall. Not sure if I'll need to go the Adobe route or not.

Like last year, I'd love to hear if you guys have suggestions or alternatives. Maybe next year I can come back and do it all again using this list as a reference.

Perhaps I can make it an official holiday? How does 'Drive-wipe day' sound?

In other news, I've been away in Nagano coving men's volleyball during the past two weeks. I'll be blogging about that experience soon.

In other other news, this blog theme sucks, and I'm thinking about switching to Drupal. (Update: I've switched!)

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