The Apps on my Mac, 2010 Edition

When I reinstalled Mac OSX on my Macbook last week, I found myself using my list of Mac apps from last year's reinstall to figure out what to applications to put back on. I don't screw around with Time Machine because I really love my computer after it's been wiped clean. Too many people buy new computers when all they need is really a clean OS install.

Pair work in the cafe newsroom

Just so there's no confusion -- I'm not a trained journalist, nor have I ever worked inside a traditional newsroom. Having said that, I think that part of the reason that I manage to find some writing work these days is because I'm doing things a little differently. Send a folder’s photos to Flickr via the command line

I'm trying to learn some more command line stuff lately, mostly because I think it makes me look badass -- in much the same way as smoking or bear claws makes one look badass.

A video demo of TokyoSocial so far

I haven't blogged much on here lately, but that doesn't mean that I've been up to nuthin'... Over on Gizmag I recently covered Tokyo Make Meeting, and I got to kick out a few videos which was great fun.  I really need a decent mic for voiceovers though. And a camera.

Making some changes

A few of you may have noticed last week that my CNet blogging days have come to a end. This was a tough decision for me to make because CNet Asia has really been fun over the past few years, and I don't have anything but praise for my editor and the other CNet bloggers. When asked to recommend a replacement I couldn't think of anyone better than Hideki Francis Onda, and I was delighted that he was willing to take over in my place. Do check him out.

My Set-up

It's always fun to see how other people use new tools to get their work done. Inspired by's series of interviews, Takaaki has written up a really neat piece about exactly what hardware and software he uses in his daily life. I would LOVE to read more of these because it gives you so many crunchy tips that you can steal and adopt as your own.