This one's optimistic: Michael Anti on Twitter in China

After attending Michael Anti’s talk at the Foreign Correspondents Club in Japan, I came away feeling he had focussed a little too much on the impact of Twitter given that so few people use the service in China. There are only 100,000 users according to Michael, though I'm not sure of his source. I mean sure, Twitter is often an excellent bridge between English speaking Chinese and the rest of the world during breaking events, but it’s not revolutionary given the comparatively small user base.

Using TextMate Snippets for fast reporting from Volleyball World Championships

If you were following my Twitter stream recently, you may have seen some messages I sent out as I was covering some volleyball matches here in Tokyo. Reporting on International volleyball presented a couple of problems right off the bat for me:

Best places to run in Tokyo: A more empirical approach

I recently completed a piece on about the best places to run in Tokyo. These sort of lists tend to make me uncomfortable, and this one would be impossible unless I ran all of the trails personally — tricky to say the least.

The Apps on my Mac, 2010 Edition

When I reinstalled Mac OSX on my Macbook last week, I found myself using my list of Mac apps from last year's reinstall to figure out what to applications to put back on. I don't screw around with Time Machine because I really love my computer after it's been wiped clean. Too many people buy new computers when all they need is really a clean OS install.

Pair work in the cafe newsroom

Just so there's no confusion -- I'm not a trained journalist, nor have I ever worked inside a traditional newsroom. Having said that, I think that part of the reason that I manage to find some writing work these days is because I'm doing things a little differently. Send a folder’s photos to Flickr via the command line

I'm trying to learn some more command line stuff lately, mostly because I think it makes me look badass -- in much the same way as smoking or bear claws makes one look badass.

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