I built this website using the Drupal open source CMS. My main priority was to structure the content in a logical manner that makes sense to readers. URLs are intuitive and hackable, there are RSS feeds all over the place, and there are a number of customized content types. My portfolio of work has been created so that users can filter and find content easily.

I'm still pondering how to best skin my site with some sexy CSS, but for now it relies on the bare, but attractive Simple Clean theme.

Here are most (if not all) of the modules I've added to the basic vanilla Drupal install:

  • addthis
  • ctools
  • imagecache
  • pathauto
  • views
  • captcha
  • filefield
  • imce
  • poormanscron
  • wysiwyg
  • cck
  • markdown filter
  • gallery_assist
  • insert
  • recaptcha
  • image_resize_filter
  • jquery_ui
  • site_map
  • imageapi
  • panels
  • token