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50 ultimate travel apps ... so far

It's hard to keep up with all the travel apps being released -- which is why we've pulled out the best 50 to date. We're going to skip over obvious ones like Twitter, Facebook, Skype, Gowalla, Foursquare, Instagram, Google Earth/Maps, as worthy as they are, for ones you may have …

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Going green in the city as home fuel cells come to Tokyo

While the concept of fuel cells has been around for years, the technology still has a futuristic ring to it. I'm sure whenever my jet-pack arrives it certainly won't run on double-A batteries. But perhaps a compact fuel cell might be sufficiently cool. In the meantime, the reality of fuel …

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Saori Kimura: Japan's rising volleyball superstar

When the Women's World Volleyball Championships came to Tokyo last month, hopes were high for the host side. Ranked number five overall, a place on the podium would have been a great result, and the team would need its stars to raise them to such great heights. Luckily for the …

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10 techie gifts for Christmas

Here's a run down of our choice of 10 gadgety, techie things to give or receive this holiday season.

10. Amazon Kindle 3

Technically it’s just called the "Kindle," but this third incarnation is probably the best value among all the e-book readers on the market.

It’s no …

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10 best running routes in Tokyo

Tokyo may be one of the most densely populated cities in the world, but it still offers a wide variety of wonderful trails and routes to cater to the city's enthusiastic runners. Tapping up the collective wisdom of the Namban Rengo club, a group of serious runners that includes both …

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Where to watch the World Cup in Tokyo

As one of the few Asian nations to qualify for the World Cup, Japan will be especially interested in what's going down in South Africa. Regardless of how the boys in blue perform, fans in Tokyo will have a variety of venues to choose from to follow all the action …

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2010 World Cup watching hot spots

Despite a time difference that's going to push more than a few games well into the early hours, Asian nations will be glued to TV screens both big and small for World Cup 2010. Whether you live here in Asia or you're just passing through, here are a list of …

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