Interview with Matthew Romaine, co-founder of Gengo

Back in July we mentioned that Tokyo-based translation startup Gengo would be relocating its head office to Shibuya. Today we were lucky enough to have the company’s CTO Matthew Romaine give us a brief tour of the place, as well as provide some brief updates on how business is …

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Interview with Kei Kajitani, VCNC Japan president

I conducted an interview with Kei Kajitani, the president of VCNC Japan, who operate couples app Between in the country. Here is a short video that I shot with him giving a brief overview of his company. It's in Japanese and I added English subtitles. Shot outside, on the fly …

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Interview with Takako Kansai, founder of Zaim

It has been a while since we checked in on Japanese personal finance app Zaim. So I was surprised and delighted to bump into the service’s creator Takako Kansai at an event in Osaka last week. In addition to being a mainstay app on my mobile, letting me scan …

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