Toys for all ages at Tokyo show | The Japan Times

  • The 2011 International Tokyo Toy Show was held last month at Tokyo Big Sight, and Japanese toy-makers were in attendance to show their wondrous wares to potential buyers, not to mention a veritable army of kids. This year saw everything from figures to remote-control vehicles, robots to iPhone games. Here are a few of the more notable products at this year's exhibition.

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June Japan Tech Round-up | CNNgo

  • A month-in-review piece for CNNgo, looking back at what happened in Japan tech during June. I experimented with a 'Tweet this' function for subsections of the story.

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Express yourself with a wiggle of Necomimi or make music with the Ningen Gakki | The Japan Times

How Japan Kept Informed After the Quake [GRAPH] | Penn Olson

Japan’s Asahi Shimbun Goes Digital. Or Does it? | Penn Olson

  • The good people over at Asiajin reported earlier today that The Asahi Shimbun, one of the largest newspapers in the world, will now offer digital subscriptions options. But it doesn’t come cheap.

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Hands on with Kyocera Echo, Wireless Expo 2011, Tokyo | Penn Olson

  • While Kyocera’s Echo has been released in the US for a while, we were pleased to see it come to Tokyo for the Wireless Expo 2011. Kyocera has some really interesting phone designs and the Echo, with its dual screens, is one of the most eye-catching.

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South Korea Wins Internet Speed Race | Penn Olson

  • Akamai just released its quarterly State of the Internet report, and we were curious to look at the internet speed rankings again this quarter. The average speed in South Korea was higher than any non-Korean city could muster, at 13.7 Mbps. Hong Kong and Japan ranked as the second and third regions with 9.4 and 8.3 Mbps respectively. In contrast the world average is 1.9 Mbps.

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Interview with Michael Jiang of [VIDEO] | Penn Olson

Mac OS X: Hot in Singapore, Ice-Cold in China [CHART] | Penn Olson

  • I was curious to see a report from my friends over at saying that Singapore had cracked the top 10 of countries with highest Mac OS X market share. I thought I’d dig a little bit deeper and see exactly how other Asian countries compare.

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Visualization: India Fights Corruption, Tweets for #AnnaHazare

  • We posted earlier today about India’s fight against corruption and how the struggle was manifesting on the web. Since then activist Anna Hazare has become a trending topic on Twitter, clearly a hot topic of conversation right now in the country. We took a sample of 1000 Twitter messages when Anna Hazare was trending, and visualized them to see some of the most common words in the discussion. So (quite literally) here are the words that were being spoken across India today:

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