Birds Behaving Badly: The Bizarre Green Pigeons of Oiso

Oiso station lies near the south-western/Atami end of the Tokaido Line, making it a relatively convenient ride for anyone coming from Tokyo or Yokohama stations. For optimal pigeon watching time, I recommend getting there at around 6 or 7am. When you get there, the station exit faces the ocean …

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Share links like a boss using Dropbox

Tell me if this situation sounds familiar:

You're in meeting or conversation where you keep referring to websites or webpages, and then an hour or so later you follow up by emailing a ton of hyperlinks.

I've always thought there should be an app for that, and I made a …

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In search of a better spaced repetition app


If you've studied a foreign language before, you may or may not have stumbled upon something called a "spaced repetition system." I like these systems a lot because they archive the words I know well and don't need to study, letting me focus only on words that I don't know …

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Sad to see The Unofficial Apple Weblog sunset

With AOL announcing that Apple news blog (The Unofficial Apple Weblog) will sunset in a few days, I can't help but feel a little sad as a former contributer. But although my own input was rather limited in both time and volume, I took away some incredible lessons …

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Evernote without the bloat, with Launch Center Pro

Over the years I've found nvALT to be a much leaner way to take notes than Evernote. A bundle of plain text files is so much nicer than that big fat application - especially on a older Macbook Air like mine. I don't really care for Evernote on my mobile device …

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A simple, static alternative to pages

I've used pages for some time, but recently I've been quite annoyed with the menu bar at the top as well as the 'My Collections' part on the bottom 2. I just need a simple page. And now that has been junkified, I started looking for …

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On the fence: An improvised camera mount for bird photography

lead kingfisher

I haven't written about it much on this website, but if you've been following my photos over the past year on Flickr, Facebook, or more recently Instagram 1, you've likely noticed that I've been rather obsessed with photographing kingfishers here in suburban Tokyo. I'll write much more about that another …

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Essential writing software: Marked2 [Link]

There are few applications that I've used as frequently over the past few years as Brett Terpstra's Marked app, now in its second version, Marked 2. In addition to the obvious function of previewing Markdown documents, which I author in TextMate 1, Marked 2 has a few lesser known functions …

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Better Markdown links with Text Expander [Link]

Once again, Dr. Drang makes us all looks like animals.

Seriously though, if you use Text Expander, and you should, this snippet is super useful.

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Bye bye Pomodoro apps. Check this timer extension for Alfred. [Link]

I've messed about with many Pomodoro apps for time-boxing my work, but never really got into the flow with any of them. But I installed this Alfred extension a few weeks back and I really like it so far. Just trigger Alfred and type in '20' for twenty minutes for …

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Japan claim first World League win beating Germany in tie-break

Japan, Koshigaya, June 29, 2014 - In their final FIVB Volleyball World League match of the season, Japan finally picked up their first win, beating Germany in Koshigaya 3-2 (25-22, 25-22, 14-25, 23-25, 17-15) at the Koshigaya City Gymnasium on Sunday. This was the fourth match of Japan against the Germans …

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Saving the story of your kids: Notabli app launches version 2.0

Regular readers of The Bridge will remember that I’ve raved about the Notabli app before. It’s an app that lets parent save their children’s moments, in a space that’s private, shared with only friends and family members of your choosing. When I had my first kid …

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Comfortably uncomfortable, proudly Pelican


That's right folks. This is a blog post about blogging. How very 2004 of me. I apologize in advance, but stick with me here for a second.

In the past year or so we have seen a boat-load of new web publishing platforms emerge, typically with hipster typography and minimalist …

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Explosive potential: Nitrous puts pre-configured development environments in the cloud

As someone who has been trying to learn programming over the past few years, one of the biggest issues that I continue to run into is getting my local development environment to function properly. For a beginner, an amazing amount of stamina is required to power through the inevitable command …

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