Over the years I've found nvALT to be a much leaner way to take notes than Evernote. A bundle of plain text files is so much nicer than that big fat application - especially on a older Macbook Air like mine. I don't really care for Evernote on my mobile device either.

Until very recently, I've just gone without image note-taking both on desktop and mobile. But now using the very handy Launch Center Pro on iOS, I can easily upload a picture to Evernote (via Dropbox) using this Launch Center Pro action 1. Just add a title and some tags when prompted and let 'er rip.

Feel free to install on your iPhone and try it out for yourself! 2

  1. Of course, there are a bunch of ways to post to Evernote without using the app. post by email has always been around. But I double-dog dare ya to find a method as frictionless as this. 

  2. I can't remember where I found it, but it was probably MacStories. It's always MacStories...