The Chinese are by far the best in the world at being numerous. The country has a near-infinite workforce which will naturally drive the economy for years to come. Also, Yao Ming can get voted an All Star starter every year by legions of Chinese fans, whether he's deserving or not. Yi Jianlian is likely not far behind. Such are the perks of being numerous. No surprises though, right?

Notes and further reading

  • 00:44--The founding of, Co-founder Marc Van der Chijs
  • 01:30--Thomas Friedman article on Tudou
  • 08:05--Tudou's Domestic Competition
  • 10:00--Comparitive stats with YouTube
  • 11:40--Originality vs. Copy Cats, more at Oglivy
  •, video annotation site.
  • 15:35--Expenditure and funding, read more at Web Pro News
  • 17:15--Chinese P2P, more at feat. Kaiser Kuo
  • 21:10--Advertising, Intel, & Revenue Sharing
  • 24:53--Chinese Internet stars, Backdorm Boys, Mantou, and Tudou TV
  • 27:48--Filtering content, IP and copyright, sensitive material, Nonami Takizawa Video
  • 40:30--Going mobile and future possibilities