launches today, and is doing so very quietly with very little warning on the english blogosphere. Today on MySpace’s main page, there’s a big over-animated flash banner which just goes to show that MySpace is already down with Chinese internet practices (most Chinese sites have enough Flash to make you seasick!).

Their slogan is 友你友我. This is kind of a play on words, of 有你有我, but 友 (friend) takes the place of 有 (have), to give a nice warm and fuzzy,yet dual-edged sword slogan.

It’ll be interesting to see exactly how long Myspace takes to catch on with Chinese netizens, since they’ll be competing against Sina Blog, Bokee, BlogCN, Sohu Blog, just to name a few.

Of course everyone’s trying to take advantage of the China market these days, and it was inevitable that MySpace would cross the Great Wall eventually. But this move makes a lot of sense when you think about the demographics of China’s internet users - that being, in a nutshell, students.

Whether or not MySpace catches on with kids in the Middle Kingdom is certainly a key question. But possibly even more key is how more social network platforms will affect the evolution of China’s online society. And how that in turn, will affect society as a whole.

Whatever they decide to talk about, giving China another platform to discuss and spread ideas certainly cannot be a bad thing.