I've used About.me pages for some time, but recently I've been quite annoyed with the menu bar at the top as well as the 'My Collections' part on the bottom 2. I just need a simple page. And now that About.me has been junkified, I started looking for a simple, static solution that I could deploy to Github Pages 3.

While I'd like to explore a better solution in the future, for now I've pasted together some code from the very minimalist Pure framework to make my own About Me page. My page has just some simple elements:

  • a background image
  • a header text
  • a short paragraph of text
  • some social icons and links

I was surprised to see there wasn't an easy-to-find static solution already out there for a simple landing page like this 1. So I thought I'd share here my (rather messy) work in case anyone wants to build upon it. Thanks to Soren for recommending Pure in the first place, and for sending some invaluable feedback on a few of my errors.

I'm using these small Pure-powered static sites for both my own personal landing page, and for an ongoing photography project (pictured below). Like most sites, I expect they'll evolve over time. Both are hosted for free over on Github Pages.

about me


  1. Let me know if I've overlooked one. 

  2. This can be turned off in the settings, but the fact that About.me switched it on without my knowledge is annoying. It's not a service worth using anymore, if you ask me. 

  3. For anyone who hasn't tried hosting a static site on Github Pages, there's a brilliant walk-through here on thinkful.com.