High and Dry: China Attacks The Heavens In Hopes of Rain

China is currently in the midst the most devastating drought it has seen in the last fifty years, and projections for the rest of the year show no signs of relief. It has been hit particularly hard in northern China where failing winter crops and a lack of basic drinking ...

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Chasing the Wind: China's Critical Pursuit of Alternative Energy

The Global Wind Energy Council just released some fascinating 2008 year-end data, and there are two big stories that are grabbing everyone's attention. First, there is the news that America has overtaken Germany to become the global leader in wind power installations. But the second story is even more ...

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Up In Flames: The Path of Digital News Out Of China

Last night, the CCTV building in Beijing caught fire at around 9 pm, the result of an unfortunate New Years' fireworks blunder. This was somewhat embarrassing to China Central Television as it appears that their own employees might be responsible for this accident.

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