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Takaratomy's latest wonder: The remote controlled Mario Kart

Japan toy giant Takaratomy recently put a wonderful new spin on their long-standing Choro-Q toy car series. The company's latest addition to its car collection capitalizes on arguably the biggest name in the history of casual gaming: Mario. The latest incarnation of the Choro-Q hybrid is the Mario Kart ...

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Clockman: An alarm clock with personality

Clockman is a unique alarm clock that could only come from Japan. Manufactured by Takara Tomy, this unusual timepiece doesn't have a clock face or a digital number display as you'd expect from a normal clock. Rather it keeps you updated by actually speaking the time out loud.

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Takaratomy's Transformers in disguise

At the recent Tokyo Anime Fair, an old favorite for cartoon lovers was back with a fresh new makeover. Transformers Animated, which has already aired overseas on the Cartoon Network, was being promoted by Takaratomy leading up to the series' April 3rd launch here in Japan. The toy company's ...

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Rediscover Murakami on a tour of Tokyo

murakami map

For fans of Japan’s most famous modern-day novelist, exploring the city with his life and literature in mind makes for a fascinating escape.

It has been four years since Haruki Murakami’s last novel "After Dark" was released in English. That’s a long time for dedicated fans who ...

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