Share links like a boss using Dropbox

Tell me if this situation sounds familiar:

You're in meeting or conversation where you keep referring to websites or webpages, and then an hour or so later you follow up by emailing a ton of hyperlinks.

I've always thought there should be an app for that, and I made a …

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Essential writing software: Marked2 [Link]

There are few applications that I've used as frequently over the past few years as Brett Terpstra's Marked app, now in its second version, Marked 2. In addition to the obvious function of previewing Markdown documents, which I author in TextMate 1, Marked 2 has a few lesser known functions …

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Better Markdown links with Text Expander [Link]

Once again, Dr. Drang makes us all looks like animals.

Seriously though, if you use Text Expander, and you should, this snippet is super useful.

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Bye bye Pomodoro apps. Check this timer extension for Alfred. [Link]

I've messed about with many Pomodoro apps for time-boxing my work, but never really got into the flow with any of them. But I installed this Alfred extension a few weeks back and I really like it so far. Just trigger Alfred and type in '20' for twenty minutes for …

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