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Hey, your iPhone's untied!

In the market for a shoe-phone? iShoes are funky little iPhone cases coming out of Asia that make your phone look like a tiny, somewhat flattened-out sneaker. Recently available for purchase from Japan-based vendor Strapya, iShoes are made by Korean company Play Hello.

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Apple lovers in Japan camp out for 'Lucky Bag' sale

Retailers in Japan have a new year shopping tradition of selling 'lucky bags,' which contain an assortment of items whose value typically exceed the price you pay for the bag. To the delight of many Apple fanboys here in Tokyo, 'lucky bags' are also sold at the Apple store. But ...

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Hackety Hack: A gift to aspiring Ruby programmers

As a perpetual programmer wannabe, I'm always on the lookout for new tools that make the mysteries of coding a little more accessible. Much to my dismay, most programming tutorials that I've come across assume some prior knowledge or that you're transitioning from some other language.

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