With AOL announcing that Apple news blog TUAW.com (The Unofficial Apple Weblog) will sunset in a few days, I can't help but feel a little sad as a former contributer. But although my own input was rather limited in both time and volume, I took away some incredible lessons on content strategy and digital publishing workflows that I think have served me well since then.

I saw remote workers at TUAW come together to pool ideas, write, edit, and publish at a furious pace -- and so when I moved on to be the first editor brought on at TechInAsia.com (April 2011), and then later at TheBridge.jp (February 2013), I quite purposefully tried to replicate the many aspects of TUAW's system that made it such an effective virtual workplace.

Running an online news site is hard, and it's even more difficult when your team is scattered over large distances. But I always thought the folks at TUAW had it down to a very beautiful science. And they made it fun.

I wish them all the best!